Personal Umbrella

Society is becoming ever more litigious, which puts us all at risk. Make sure your liability limits are sufficient to protect your assets and future earnings in the event of litigation.

In record numbers, people are awarded larger summary judgments than ever before. We highly recommend looking into a Personal Excess Liability policy, commonly referred to as an Umbrella Policy.  This policy is an extra layer of liability coverage over and above the primary coverage you have for your home, condo, automobile, boat, or any other asset you may have insured.  Should you be held accountable for damages or injuries, and your primary policy liability limits are exhausted, an umbrella can help save you from a financial catastrophe, often for less than a dollar a day.

Personal Umbrella

An Example of How Effective an Umbrella Policy can be…

A group of teenagers are drinking alcohol one night at the beach and then decide to hop a neighbor’s fence and jump into the pool.  One of the teens jumps headfirst into the pool while impaired and breaks his neck.  Although the pool owners were not present, their homeowner’s policy paid $300,000, and their umbrella paid $1,000,000.  By making the decision to purchase the $150 umbrella policy, the pool owners saved themselves from bankruptcy.  How much can you afford to lose?

An umbrella insurance proposal from SSIA is easy, fast, and just a phone call away.  Please contact us to receive a free, personalized, no obligation proposal for your assets.